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Mission, Goals and Outcomes


The mission of the Department of Industrial Technology is to prepare management-oriented technical professionals for employment in industry, business, government and education.

Program Goals

1. Maintain state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories.

2. Increase the effectiveness of academic advising.

3. Build and enhance the working partnerships with industry throughout Louisiana that employ, or could employ, program graduates.

4. Improve ITEC student diversity.

5. Implement a Ph.D. degree program.

6. Maintain curriculum to reflect current industrial trends and requirements.

Program Outcomes (Competencies)

1. ITEC students will communicate effectively using written and oral communication.

2. ITEC students will apply mathematical, statistical and scientific principles to industrial situations to maintain and enhance the work within industry.

3. ITEC students will use the computer proficiently as well as information technology as an essential tool in planning, monitoring, and controlling of work within industry.

4. ITEC students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of graphics communications to solve industrial problems.

5. ITEC students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of electricity and electronics to solve industrial problems.

6. ITEC students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of safety in industrial applications.

7. ITEC students will understand management concepts of employer relations and industrial supervision.