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Research Labs

Composite Materials Lab

Location: Rougeau Hall, Room 109

The composite materials lab is a research laboratory assigned to Dr. Khattab for his composite material research. This space is also used for individualized undergraduate instruction on composite material research projects.


Location: Rougeau Hall, Room 119

The MEPOL lab is a large high bay area used for multiple purposes. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has metal-forming equipment in this space. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana (MEPOL) and Dr. Khattab of Industrial Technology use space in this room. Dr. Khattab uses this space for work on composite materials for undergraduate and graduate research projects.


Location: Rougeau Hall, Room 210

The STEP lab is a 20-workstation laboratory used primarily as an open computer laboratory for Industrial Technology and Mechanical Engineering students. It also is used for instruction of the elective applied stress and CAM courses. These computers are supported by the University’s Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) grant program. The computers have Master CAM, MATLAB, LabView, MS office, SolidWorks and AutoDesk software.

Process Control Lab

Location: Rougeau Hall, Room 267

The process control lab has ten basic workstations used in support of ITEC 422 Integrated Systems and Advanced Instrumentation. Controls laboratory focuses on electrical control of a process. The laboratory is focused on use of control software for data collection, integration of sensors and control of a process used in industry. Students work independently to design, construction, program and demonstrate operation of a control circuit prototype project.

Programmable Controls Lab

Location: Rougeau Hall, Room 270

The programmable controls laboratory is equipped with a variety of industrial PLCs with simulation software and control software for developing student control applications. Students complete an independent project that demonstrates an industrial application using a student developed control program.